Why & How to Study Abroad through the Erasmus+ Programme

I am running late for class -- and literally running. I don’t have enough time to catch the metro at the labyrinthine Catalunya stop so I quickly leave the bustling Las Ramblas, with its intoxicating stalls and hurry up the streets which have become as familiar to me as the back of my hand. The sparkling red brick Spanish Arc de Triomf looms into view and I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing I’m almost there. I jostle with tourists as I jog down the steps to the metro. A few months ago I would ha
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4 EPIC Places The Simpsons Visited In Ireland

In the fourteenth episode of Season 20, the Simpsons visit Ireland. It aired on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009 and I remember the excitement that the famous cartoon characters, which have featured episodes in the likes of Brazil, were going to do an episode featuring our little county. The title of the episode, “In The Name of the Grandfather”, is in reference to the Irish film “In the name of the Father.” In the episode, the Simpsons travel to Ireland so that Grampa Abe can have a final drink at O’

The 5 MOST-INCREDIBLE Airbnbs in County Clare

County Clare is the perfect spot for a holiday. It’s unique in that it has so many fabulous attractions and stunning countryside to explore, so why not stay somewhere equally as unique and beautiful? This super modern apartment is in a fantastic location, right in the centre of Ennis town. It has a really unique location in that it has a beautiful bay window with a viewpoint of the historic farmers market of Ennis. It’s a great place to sit down with a cup of coffee and people watch. With two

How to Spend 24 Hours in Cork: The Perfect Itinerary

Cork is Ireland’s most southern city. It is a fantastic city, full of culture and warmth. There’s just so much to experience in Cork, from scenic tourist attractions to amazing food to historic spots, that it can be hard to know where to start or what to include in your day. That is why we’ve put together an itinerary for the perfect day in Cork. Cork has so many excellent restaurants to choose from, however, if you’re looking to have breakfast in the city, look no further than Liberty Grill.

Five AWE-INSPIRING Places For Street Art In Cork

Street art is massive in Cork. The street art brings a lot of character to Cork. Cork’s streets are filled with powerful images of street art. Some street art can be purposeful, and thought-provoking and then others are simply amusing or beautiful. In fact, street art is so prominent and special here in Cork that there is a volunteer group set up dedicated to street art. Mad About Cork is a volunteer group who create different types of street art around Cork and also plant flowers to make a po

Five Cool and Quirky Bars in Cork You NEED To Experience

Cork is known as a quirky, unique spot so we shouldn’t expect their pubs to be any different. Cork has a host of exciting and unusual places to drink and socialise. Living in Ireland we’re all used to having a multitude of bars in every city and town so it’s always fun to try out somewhere different and new. Suas is Cork’s finest hidden gem, a rooftop bar on South Main Street, in the heart of the city. It’s right in the centre of the city, tucked away up high, located just over Captain America

10 BAFFLING Cork Slang Phrases Explained To English Speakers

Corkonians have a very unique way of speaking. However, it’s not just their musical accents that set them apart. They have some very specific phrases that find their way into everyday conversation and this can confuse people who aren’t familiar with these phrases. The Cork accent and Cork phrases are famous around the country and instantly recognisable. The Cork accent can be hard enough to decipher if you don’t speak the language so getting a grip on some of the Cork phrases will give you a

The 5 MOST BEAUTIFUL Experiences Around Skibbereen, Co. Cork

Skibbereen is a town in County Cork, Ireland. The name “Skibbereen” means “little boat harbour”. Skibbereen is a viberant beautiful village, full of character. The village, with its many brightly coloured houses, is a scenic site in itself. Firstly, the buildings themselves are stunning. You could happily pass an afternoon wandering around the streets and the harbour. It’s a very Insta worthy place. You’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re after some new stunning photos for your Insta or Vsco. I

5 BEST First Date Ideas & Spots In Galway

You can’t go wrong on a first date having Galway as your venue. There’s such a buzz and great atmosphere around the place and always something on. For dates, there are loads of delicious restaurants and pubs filled with character to choose from and fun activities to do. When planning a first date you want to pick somewhere that will be futun, memorable and where you can happily get to know each other. These five places have been chosen with this in mind. There’s something really attractive ab

Five Burgers in Limerick You NEED To Try Before You Die

Limerick has some fabulous restaurants, so it’s only right they have some brilliant spots to grab a burger. You can’t go wrong with a good burger and deciding to hit up a burger restaurant means everyone’s happy and less likely to fight over where to go. No American diner styled restaurant would be complete without a burger, and Shake Dog is no different. Shake Dog is also a great option if you’re looking for burgers on a budget. Get The Mean Meal deal: any main, any side and any shake for ju

Top 5 STUNNING Scenic Sites In & Around Ballina, Co. Mayo

Ireland is known for its breath-taking views, and Ballina is no exception. A town in the north of Mayo and known as the salmon capital of Ireland, Ballina is the gateway to the West of Ireland and the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way. It’s Mayo’s largest town. For anyone looking for beautiful sites then look no further. From scenic walks to stunning beaches, Ballina has it all. The Great Western Greenway in County Mayo is a 42km trail, which follows the route of the now non-operational Achill to

5 Great Things To Do & See In Waterford When It Rains

Rain in Ireland is inevitable, so we have to be prepared for activities in all kinds of weather. Waterford is a great spot and a little rain shouldn’t spoil your visit. Grab an umbrella and hit Waterford’s beautiful streets. Get a spot of lunch or go shopping. Brave the outdoors, grab a wetsuit and go surfing at one of Waterford’s spectacular beaches. If you need some shelter from the rain there are some fantastic indoor activities in Waterford. The Apple Market is a street in Waterford with

Berna Anat: Dishing the Dirt on the Crazy Life of a Digital Nomad

In January 2018 she grabbed a bag-pack and set out with her boyfriend to embark on a whirlwind worldwide adventure. They have been travelling ever since. Currently they have set up home in Taiwan and as for where they’ll travel next, who knows? That is the wonder of Berna and Peter’s lives right now. She has gained over 8,000 followers on Instagram, many of whom love her for her candour, humour and honestly. This girl is not afraid to get weird, she is not afraid to be honest and she doesn’t sh

The 5 Best Restaurants for Foodies in Limerick

Limerick is a fantastic place for foodies. Whatever you want, you can find it here. Burgers, milkshakes, steak dinners, Limerick has it all. All of these places are a short walk from each other so if one doesn’t tickle your fancy you can head over to another restaurant and check out their menu. Unless you’re like me and look up the menu PDF beforehand and know what you’re ordering before you sit down. Without further ado here are some of the best restaurants that Limerick has to offer. Happy eat

The 5 Best Things To Do With Kids in Limerick

Limerick is a great little city and there is plenty to do for families. When you’re planning a day out with your kids you have 3 priorities. That your kids will have fun, be entertained and be so tired at the end of the day they’ll go to bed without a fight. The places we’ve chosen do all three. Happily, they are also things parents will enjoy doing too. From educational activities to just plain jumping around hopping off the walls fun activities, we have something great to suit any family day o

Five Bars in Westport You Need To Visit Before You Die

Westport is an utterly charming town in County Mayo. In 1842, an English novelist, William Makepeace Thackeray, visited Westport and reflecting on his visit he wrote: “The most beautiful view I ever saw in the world. It forms an event in one’s life to have seen that place so beautiful that is it, and so unlike other beauties that I know of. Were such beauties lying on English shores it would be a world’s wonder perhaps if it were on the Mediterranean or Baltic, English travellers would flock to

Five Bars in Wicklow You Need To Visit Before You Die

Wicklow is unique in that it boasts both stunning sea and mountain views. A little like the city of Barcelona, just with a slightly cooler climate. South of Dublin, it’s a great spot for tourist or Irish folk alike looking for a staycation. Wicklow is known for the Wicklow Mountains, beautiful Irish Sea coastline, country estates and the scenic Wicklow Way, but it should also be known for its pubs. It’s here you’ll see the heart of the friendly community Ireland is famous for. Since there are so

Five Bars in Killarney You Need To Visit Before You Die

Killarney is full of life, colour and activity. Many people come to Killarney because one of the stops on the Ring of Kerry, and also because it’s the start and finishing point of the 200-km Kerry Way walking trail. Many people also stay in Killarney because of the incredible people, food, scenery and pubs. There are many ice cream shops, sweet shops and a wide variety of restaurants to be found here but the real soul of the town is its pubs. With over 50 pubs in Killarney, there is a lot to cho

Five Jaw-dropping Scenic Sites in Sligo

Sligo is known for its rugged coastal beauty and literary history. It’s a very scenic county with great beaches to watch the sunset. If you follow your stomach when you travel you’ll be happy to hear they have plenty of award-winning restaurants. It’s somewhere to go if you want an adventure and to soak in some breath-taking Irish views. If you’re sick of only seeing breath-taking views, beach sunsets and rolling countryside on your social media instead of real life, then head to Sligo pronto. H

How Voice Messages Saved My Long Distance Friendship

I can’t remember who sent the first voice message. I think it was her. I’m sure I thought, this is weird, I’m just listening to her voice play out loud like a voicemail. It was probably something trivial, our voice messages often are, and maybe I replied by text and then one day was feeling lazy or running late and I pressed record. However it started, it has been 4 years since we left high school and went our separate ways to separate colleges and separate lives, and we voice message nearly e

Why Roommates Make The Best Travel Companions –

Travelling with friends can be a lot of fun. You’re all experiencing a new place together, relaxing, sightseeing and trying new foods, all with your friends in tow to make the experience more enjoyable. But travelling and everything that comes with it can also be really tiring and sometimes, if you’re not used to sharing a room or spending so much time together, tensions can arise. We think we know our friends well but we mightn’t know the ins and outs of her life, like we do with someone we’ve
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