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Sarah Talty is a Freelance Journalist based in beautiful rainy Ireland. She is a graduate of the University of Limerick with a 2:1 degree in Journalism and New Media.

Sarah has interviewed everyone from astronauts who've been to the moon to rappers who've been to prison and loves nothing more than researching and writing about something that excites her. Although binging Netflix shows comes a close second! 

Feel free to contact her with freelance writing opportunities. 


UL Student Volunteer Sarah Talty |

It’s a strange time right now, trying to finish out the college year at home. Everyone is trying to feel more connected to others and you can feel a real sense of community spirit, whether it’s a smile as you move out to social distance from someone on your walk or hearing uplifting news stories. Something that can really lift your spirits in this time is giving back and this is something the University of Limerick has always been keen to recognise, awarding their President Volunteer Award to hu

5 Reasons to stay on at UL for Postgraduate study

UL was the only place I wanted to study. Shortly after completing my degree here in Journalism and New Media, I did some work for a marketing agency. I absolutely loved the creativity of it but I wanted to have more knowledge of the field so I came back here to specialise and study for the MSc in Marketing, Consumption and Society. Here are just some of the reasons why staying at UL was the right choice for me: While you’ve been a UL student, you’ll have witnessed some amazing campus investmen

Limerick ranked in top ten Tinder hotspots in the world

For the first time in December 2018 dating app giant, Tinder released it’s Year in Swipe, which captures the top Tinder trends among its users for 2018. Limerick was named as one of the top 10 cities for Tinder activity the world, coming in at number 9 globally. This statistic is massive news for the county! This means Limerick is one of the top 10 cities in the world for Tinder activity. This data, fortunately, confirms that people in Limerick are spending more time on the app than almost any

IT'S OFFICIAL: The Irish are the happiest people in Europe

It is official everyone, Irish people are the happiest in Europe! Here in Ireland, we have a reputation worldwide for being exceptionally friendly. However, did you know that we’re also the happiest people in Europe? That is according to the results of a Eurobarometer survey, published in 2018, which shows that a huge 97 per cent of Irish people consider themselves to be happy. That was the highest result in the European Union, against an EU average of 83 per cent. Over 1,000 Irish people we

Dublin Park Has Been Named One Of The Best In The World

The Dublin Park was one of only two parks in the world to receive such an award, organised by the World Urban Park based in Alberta Canada. The prestigious award acknowledges the best parks from around the world, the skills of the people who manage them and the positive effect the parks have on their surrounding areas they serve. The only other park to also receive the honour of a Gold International Large Parks Award was Centennial Park in Sydney, Australia. The International Large Urban Park

10 Places In Ireland You Need To Visit Before You Turn 50

We’re lucky that we have so many amazing scenic sights and history to discover and explore on this little Emerald Isle. From the famous Cliffs of Moher to Croagh Patrick, Ireland has so much to offer and fifty years should be enough time to get everything done in. Here are 10 places in Ireland you should visit before you turn 50. This is a very cool natural rock formation you need to check out. The Giant’s Causeway is a result of a volcanic eruption. It is the habitat of rare plants and anim

Ireland ranked in top 10 safest countries on the planet, US doesn’t make top 100

For the 11th year running, Iceland has been voted the number one haven for residents. This is great news for the tourist industry as we depend greatly each year on the tourist industry to generate revenue for the country. The tourist industry in Ireland employs one in nine people nationally and is worth in the region of over 9 billion annually. Who and what determines which countries are the safest? Every year, The Institute for Economics and Peace, an Australian think tank, carefully analys

5 Best Restaurants For Foodies In County Clare

County Clare is known for its stunning scenery and tourist attractions, such as the majestic Cliffs of Moher. However, Clare is also the perfect place for foodies. The Banner County has lots of wonderful local produce to choose from such as St.Tola’s goat’s cheese and Burren smoked salmon. There are loads of fabulous restaurants to choose from, all with their own unique flavours and atmospheres. Anne Leyden opened the Ennis gourmet store in 1997. Ann is a food science specialist, and her adver

Top 10 People & Things That Made County Clare World-Famous

County Clare is one of Ireland’s most beautiful and best-known counties. When people think of Clare, they often think of the famous Cliffs of Moher and its great tradition of holding traditional Irish music in high regard. Here is our countdown of the top 10 people and things that put the county on the world map. This historical monument in the centre of Ennis town, honouring Daniel O’Connell, was erected by public subscriptions in 1867. The site of the monument is the place where O’Connell w

Five Irish Gins You Need To Try Before You Die

Five of the best gin brands to come out of Ireland. What’s not to love about gin? Your mixers and garnishes can completely transform your drink. The bitter taste, the fancy glasses and the fruit make this the perfect drink. Pink gin has become massively popular in recent years with gin companies bringing out a pretty pink gin with a sweet flavour to enjoy. Botanical is a word you hear a lot when you research gin, so it’s important to know what they are. Botanicals are the juniper, seeds, berr

5 INCREDIBLE Spa Hotels in County Clare You Need To Experience

With its stunning scenery, hospitable locals and fascinating history, Clare is the perfect place to relax. What better way to relax than to treat yourself, by booking yourself into a lovely spa treatment at one of Clare’s top spa hotels? Here’s our countdown of the five best Spa Hotels in County Clare. The River Spa at the Falls Hotel opened in May 2006. There are over 50 incredible spa treatments to choose from here, including facials, massages, body wraps, dry floats, body scrubs and mud tre

12 AMAZING Irish Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

We’re now all counting down the days to Christmas! The shops are packed and people are busy buying and wrapping presents in time for the 25th. Our little emerald isle has so many amazing products and talented companies that there is no excuse not to shop local this Christmas. A bonus of shopping local is that the shipping and postage usually is less complicated which is exactly what you want this time of year. With this in mind, we’ve put together a little gift guide to get you started on sho

The Top 10 Irish Alcoholic Drinks of All Time

Ireland is renowned worldwide for its high quality alcohol. From Guinness to Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Irish alcohol is enjoyed all over the world. We tried our very best to narrow down Ireland’s down to a small number of their best, which we hope the majority of people will also agree with. So without further ado, here is the 10 best alcoholic drinks to ever come from Ireland. In 1792 Richard Beamish & Richard Crawford, two Cork merchants, established the famous Beamish & Crawford brewery, in

The Top 5 Irish Ciders Of All Time

Ireland has a very rich heritage when it comes to producing cider with some amazing exports being enjoyed all over the world. Bulmers is the original Irish cider, having been brewed in Ireland since 1946. However, craft cider has exploded in recent years, and now we’re lucky we have a wide variety of Irish ciders to choose from. From flavoured cider to light cider for the calorie conscious to non-alcoholic cider, there is definitely a cider out there everyone can enjoy. Here’s our countdown o

The 5 MOST-INCREDIBLE Airbnbs in County Clare

County Clare is the perfect spot for a holiday. It’s unique in that it has so many fabulous attractions and stunning countryside to explore, so why not stay somewhere equally as unique and beautiful? This super modern apartment is in a fantastic location, right in the centre of Ennis town. It has a really unique location in that it has a beautiful bay window with a viewpoint of the historic farmers market of Ennis. It’s a great place to sit down with a cup of coffee and people watch. With two

4 EPIC Places The Simpsons Visited In Ireland

In the fourteenth episode of Season 20, the Simpsons visit Ireland. It aired on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009 and I remember the excitement that the famous cartoon characters, which have featured episodes in the likes of Brazil, were going to do an episode featuring our little county. The title of the episode, “In The Name of the Grandfather”, is in reference to the Irish film “In the name of the Father.” In the episode, the Simpsons travel to Ireland so that Grampa Abe can have a final drink at O’

How to Spend 24 Hours in Cork: The Perfect Itinerary

Cork is Ireland’s most southern city. It is a fantastic city, full of culture and warmth. There’s just so much to experience in Cork, from scenic tourist attractions to amazing food to historic spots, that it can be hard to know where to start or what to include in your day. That is why we’ve put together an itinerary for the perfect day in Cork. Cork has so many excellent restaurants to choose from, however, if you’re looking to have breakfast in the city, look no further than Liberty Grill.

Five AWE-INSPIRING Places For Street Art In Cork

Street art is massive in Cork. The street art brings a lot of character to Cork. Cork’s streets are filled with powerful images of street art. Some street art can be purposeful, and thought-provoking and then others are simply amusing or beautiful. In fact, street art is so prominent and special here in Cork that there is a volunteer group set up dedicated to street art. Mad About Cork is a volunteer group who create different types of street art around Cork and also plant flowers to make a po

10 BAFFLING Cork Slang Phrases Explained To English Speakers

Corkonians have a very unique way of speaking. However, it’s not just their musical accents that set them apart. They have some very specific phrases that find their way into everyday conversation and this can confuse people who aren’t familiar with these phrases. The Cork accent and Cork phrases are famous around the country and instantly recognisable. The Cork accent can be hard enough to decipher if you don’t speak the language so getting a grip on some of the Cork phrases will give you a

Five Cool and Quirky Bars in Cork You NEED To Experience

Cork is known as a quirky, unique spot so we shouldn’t expect their pubs to be any different. Cork has a host of exciting and unusual places to drink and socialise. Living in Ireland we’re all used to having a multitude of bars in every city and town so it’s always fun to try out somewhere different and new. Suas is Cork’s finest hidden gem, a rooftop bar on South Main Street, in the heart of the city. It’s right in the centre of the city, tucked away up high, located just over Captain America
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